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Yes, I mean it. I'm wanting to make a ze map for Starkiller Base in TFW. Now this will probably be a big thing, so Im hoping Any ideas I can get would be awesome!

Concept: Rey has been captured! The rebels have sent in a team of people to rescue Rey and destroy Starkiller Base. But the First Order is not ready to give it up without a fight!

  • Rey as a usable character
  • Kylo Ren as zombie usable character
  • Chewiee as usable character
  • Luke as a usable character
  • Captain Phasma (Maybe) as a usable character
  • Stormtroopers
  • Rebels
  • Finn as the guide (like Cloud in Mako Reactor)
  • Level based map*
*= Depends on development....


Currently Online.. Probably.
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Can we get a Jar Jar Binks skin for the last human standing?

It could just play dialog directly from the movies, no better way to encourage people from stopping solo wins.