Yay bor3d gaming is back! I never thought i would see the day...or all these familiar names! I loved this community so much, and missed it a lot when it vanished. I actually stoped playing ccs after it left lol.

Im pretty busy with normal life and im addicted to my mmo so i will probably only be active on the forums but i wanted to say hi :)

ill see you all around the forums! :D

Blue Dragon

The Frosty One
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Glad to see you to be part of the forums, at least!
I think I still have you on Steam, so if you have any questions, you can send me a message.
I see you've taken a liking in Elsword.


Does not Expire
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Oh loookkiiiie who we have here!! It's been ages, but I'm very glad to see you dropped by :p. I hope you pop in once and a while to say hello in the servers sometime :3 (just so I can slap you one more time)O-oh wups, some of my true feelings came out there (jkjk). I hope everythings going alright for you!


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Another familiar friendly face, woo! Welcome back old friend!
Oh, you know.. just over 11,000 hours played.
LOL the game required you to be online to sell items so i left it on over night all the time k! only way to get rich in that game XD

Ty all though :heart: i missed you guys :heart: