Wow...... the day has come

Just found out about bG getting back together, this is INSANE!!!!! To be honest I always kept the bG homepage on my favorites tab and would check it here and there to ever see if the day would come that it would come back. Well....... my pc ended up constantly overheating, and I just ended up putting that away for a while, until just recently that is. Then I happen to see a X mas message pop up in game and I can tell the bG logo has been upgraded. So I check out the page via Steam and it looks relatively current, come to find out bG has been back for a whole YEAR now! Then I realize that's about when my pc starting having issues. Still amazing to see it back though and I can't wait to get back into zombies! By the way, I'm Guilitine, or even Jack Bauer maybe to some.


Currently Online.. Probably.
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Welcome back Guilitine! I'm sure there's a handful who remember the name.