What TV Shows Would You Recommend?

One of the craziest, and most well put together science fiction shows I've ever seen, with heroes you'll love and villains you'll love even more. With fantastic action and a strange and weird universe its worth every step of the way into diving into Farscape.


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I found so far that there's quite a lot of good tv shows! I'll list my top picks when I'm not on mobile. Gotham was a great one because of the insane people in it.
  1. The Walking Dead (Kind of slow at the beginning, but it picks up around season 3)
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. LOST
  4. Parks and Recreation (Hilarious, the characters are very lovable and season 7 is now on Netflix!)
  5. The Flash
  6. Dexter (Kinds of falls off after season 4, but nonetheless very good)
This is a list of my personal favorites with some opinions I have, all of these can be found on Netflix so check them out!