Want Easy Store Credits? Register on the Forums!

It can't be easy looking at the store and seeing those crazy high prices huh? What were we thinking, right? Well, if you want to make a butt load of credits quickly and easily then there is a sure fire way to do that. Register on the forums!

Yup, it's that simple. If you take the two minutes to register for a forum account and authenticate your account with, you'll be given 200 credits the next time you join any of our servers! You can easily authenticate your account by visiting: http://www.bor3dgaming.com/account/external-accounts

Simply login with your Steam credentials and your Steam ID will be associated to your forum account. This is how we know it's you who deserves the credits.

Admins, if someone claims they didn't get the credits, have them report it on the forums. More than likely it was user error and we'll need to debug. Otherwise, do not give anyone the 200 credits on your own.

Thanks all for continuing to support Bor3d Gaming!