The Store Now Lives...Again!

I've heard a lot of feedback from people who've played on bG servers in the past and one of the most requested features has been the store. I'm happy to announce that the store is back and hopefully it'll be much better than it was before. You'll notice that there is a new "Store" menu option on the forums and also in-game you'll notice that !store is available. The features of the Store are explained pretty well on the Store landing page, but I'll do my best to summarize it here for you as well.

The store offers a handful of cool new features and items that you can purchase, trade and sell in-game. Some of those include:
  • Tracers & Laser Sights
  • Hats, Masks & Glasses*
  • Trails & Grenade Trails
  • Chat Perks: Name Tags & Name Colors
*The hats, masks and glasses are only available to bG donors. If you would like access to these items, you must donate to the community.

You'll notice that I do not have models available to purchase. While they were fun to have in the past, it really made things a bit more complicated in-game and also made it harder for players to determine if they were CT or T. I've also disabled custom weapon items that could potentially get the bG servers banned from the Steam Game Server Listing. In addition, the Chat Perks will only be available in the Zombie Escape and Pub servers. Surf has a ranking system that changes your name color and tag which would directly conflict with this feature.

Credits can be gained via a few different ways:
  • Playing as an active user in any of our servers (this means you cannot be spectator)
  • Killing someone in any of the servers (unfortunately this doesn't happen much in Surf)
While you're active in the game servers, you'll earn 1 credit for every two (2) minutes of activity. You'll also earn 1 credit for every opponent you kill. I am working on investigating a plugin that can detect if you've completed a surf map and give you credits based off that. Unfortunately, as of right now it will not be available.

*Note: Unlike in the past, you will not be able to gain credits for donating to the community. Credits will only be earned in-game by playing on our servers.

I mentioned above that you'll be able to trade and sell back items you've purchased. If you do decide to sell back an item then you will only receive 60% of the credits you used to purchase the item. All item purchases will be considered final and admins will not refund you for whatever it is you purchase.

So that's all I got for you so far. The best thing you can do now is head into any one of our servers and give the store a shot. Also, please be sure to report any issues you have while using the store. This can be easily reported via the Support Center here on the forums.

Thanks everyone!
Awesome! Great to have the store back. I can now finally aim again using tracers.