Support Center Guidelines

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The Support Center is meant to be a place where you can submit issues you're having with the website or game servers. This is not meant to be a place to complain about players, admins or general silliness within the community. Bug reports and serious issues are to be reported here.

An example Support Center ticket could be:
I donated a few days ago, but I haven't been upgrading to the Donor status and I do not have any donor perks. Could someone help me?
An example of what you should NOT submit:
This guy was playing on the server last night and was CLEARLY hacking! Can someone stop him please?
If you wish to report admin abuse or report a player for cheating then please be sure to use the appropriate channels.

*Note: Please do not use the support center to submit ban or mute appeals. They will be deleted and you will need to resubmit those appeals here.
Not open for further replies.