Denied Store Suggestion: Increased Credits with prolonged activity

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Increased Credits with prolonged activity
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We were talking about maybe on the servers for the longer your on the server, you gain increased credits after every hour or 30 mins. Like 50 credits every hour your on the server. Then 100 for 2 hours 300 for 3 hours and so forth.
It would give people incentive to stay if we have a store on the server.

On a side note, I think the Store should reflect the servers population. The less people we have, the smaller the store should be, and the more people, the more items we should add to the store.​


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I really like this idea since it serves a purpose for players to stay on longer as a goal. Not only does it keeps players on longer, the credits can become more expendable than having to only being able to earn 1 credit per minute.

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I have a few ideas for the store, but I'll have to write them down and see if they are doable before I start posting them here.
The store has no variable settings. It's the same thing at all times, no changes in items depending on player size. That adds way too much complexity to something that shouldn't be that complex. I can increase the store credits gain slightly, but the reason why it's so small is that I want to incentivize people to join the forums which gives them a much larger boost.