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Hey All,

Just wanted to point out a few plugin addition and changes I've made to the servers the last few days. The following plugins have been added to all servers:
  • Announcements: Servers will now announce when people are connecting to the servers. This used to be done via GameMe, but since we no longer use that it will be done by a plugin.
  • VoiceHud: This will allow admins and other players to see who is using their mic and potentially spamming.
  • Anti-Cheat: 1v1 already had this plugin on the server, but I've added it to all servers to help with cheating on the servers. It may have false-positive so please report them.
  • Anti-Mic Spam: Simple plugin that will mute people who play sounds via their voice comms.
  • Self Mute: This plugin will allow you to mute any one individual player on the server. Very helpful for people you don't want to hear.
  • The Void: This is supposed to help with crashes caused by weapons falling through the map.
  • Admin List: This will allow players on the server to see what admins are online and available.
Zombie Escape Additions:
  • Leader Assignment: This plugin will allow players in the server to vote for the human leader. This user will have special perks that allow them to direct other humans to safety.
  • Boss Hud: This plugin is a hud view that you can enable by typing sm_bhud. It will show you the health of the boss and other breakable items in ZE maps.
Multi 1v1 Additions:
  • Damage Hud: This plugin will show you realtime how much damage you've done to someone.
  • No Scope Rounds: This plugin will allow you to setup no-scope rounds with your opponent.
  • Country Tag: A simple plugin that will add your country code to the scoreboard hud. Nice to see where they are from :)
I plan to add some more or remove any depending on your feedback. Be sure to let me know!
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How long do anti-mic Spams last? and Are they admin removable?

Boss hud sounds dope! And the leader Assignment could be so fun for community. Nice adds.