Pending Server Issue: Ze !disarm and knife item problem

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Server Issue
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Ze !disarm and knife item problem
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We were testing the new fixes you implemented for these on ze_paramina right now and it seemed like only fruit was able to pick up a knife item for some reason. The linben tried the !disarm command and it just continuously removed his knife or atleast made it invisible i think. So that didn't really work at all, the same problem happens if an admin tries using their disarm command.

Edit: we went to tyranny and the zombie items were working 100%. So the problem with items still seems to persist on paramina. However after trying more others were able to get zombie items on paramina but it seemed to be random if you could or not. So i would say it would work about 60% of the time for people​
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Any chance that it's because there's a sourcemod/admin command for !disarm'ing already? I could see how that might work for an admin/council but not average joe.
well after rereading bored's post that is how its supposed to work with the disarm plugin. However even if you disarm and then get your knife back it still won't 100% let you pick up a knife on paramina. I think it may be a problem with the map itself?
I'm actually going to remove the disarm command because I don't think you actually need to do that. It should just work since the map should disarm you.