Pending Server Issue: ZE bullets do not penetrate fellow teammates

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Server Admin
What type of issue are you having?:
Server Issue
Short description of the issue you're having:
ZE bullets do not penetrate fellow teammates
Steps to reproduce your issue:
When someone is in front of you the bullets do not go past the body and shoot the zombies​


Server Admin
I also find this a pretty big issue as well such as situations where humans would be clumped up in one area a lot of the time which would make it pretty difficult to defend.

Blue Dragon

The Frosty One
Council Member
As far as I know, this issue is present in older versions of Zombie Reloaded.
I can provide a custom version of ZR, but I'll have to talk about it with bor3d beforehand.
I re-added the old noblock because it didn't work with the new one. But I added a plugin that's supposed to remove teammate shooting. If this doesn't work then I'll reach out to the SourceMod community.