I must admit I never expected to see Bor3d Gaming again.

For those of you who don't remember me I'm Doomblade3890 (though I went by Doomblade94 back in the days of CS:S). I played with bG back when it was on CS:S, primarily on the Zombie Escape server from late 2011 to late 2013.

After bG died down, I had to settle for other ZE servers (all of which had significant flaws). After browsing around on Gametracker for old clans I found bG listed up. I'm glad to see an old community again, although I'm rather worried about the empty servers. Am I just on at the wrong time or is the community still in the process of rebooting?

Anyways, I'm glad to see bG back up and running with the old faces I remember playing with.
Hope this isn't a short-lived revival and look forwards to reliving old memories again!
Welcome back :)

The servers have been pretty quiet, but I anticipated that it would be tough to keep it operating all the time with so many new games coming out. My attention to the servers has slipped due to RL stuff, but I'm still around.

MG seems to be gaining popularity and when I have a moment I'll work on ZE. Summer will be big for us though, like it always is. We'll see how things go!

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All the joking aside, I do remember you, and although I am a very busy little shit, I hope you stick around.