Reporting Admin Abuse

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Bor3d Gaming takes admin abuse reports very seriously. We do not condone abusive actions taken by admins in-game or outside of the game. If at any point you feel you were the victim of admin abuse, we encourage you to step forward and report the incident. Keep in mind though, you should do the following first:
  • Stop, wait a minute and breathe. Are you making this personal? Make sure this is not the case before targeting an admin simply because you do not like them. False reports will also not be tolerated!
  • Ask yourself, did this action impact you or the game server as a whole when it happened? Distinguishing between the two can help categorize the level of abuse.
  • If this issue only affected you, what was so severe about it that it required an admin abuse report.
What are some examples of admin abuse?
  • Server Admin acting in the benefit of himself as opposed to the server.
    • Giving himself special perks, reviving his life, etc.
  • Server Admin doing things that impact the gameplay of the server.
    • Slaying, Kicking or Banning a large number of players without reason.
  • Server Admins breaking server rules.
    • Server rules do not just apply to players, but to everyone. Breaking them is punishable.
  • Server Admins disrespecting other players with malicious intent.
    • Taunting, flaming or using admin powers to hurt another player they do not like.
If you're sure after reading all of the above that you have been subjected to admin abuse then please, report it!
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