Possible problem with downloading files

Just today there seems to be an influx of people being unable to download files for this server. Like we went to ze_paradise which i don't have and it kicked me off the server saying the file could not be found. Also one of the zombie skins showed up as a massive error box around the player. I am not the only person having these problems, tsunder is unable to dl maps and others have the error boxes. I'm not sure what is going on with this but it defiantly needs to be looked into


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Ok so, I diagnosed a possible problem for why its not working. I'm not sure if this really has much to do with it, but the sv_downloadurl is set to http://fastdl.bor3dgaming.com/ not http://fastdl.bor3dgaming.com/ The IP changed for some reason I do not know, might be temporary, might be perm. Either way, its out of my power todo anything about it. Only @bor3d could fix it. I tried doing fastdl on the server, and all it does is load and shoots me right back at the main menu.


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It's because bor3d was having issues at the old IP for zombie escape so he just swapped to a new IP address. Since favourites aren't IP based, but rather ID based everyone can just keep playing as normal however he'll just have to change the config. No biggie.
It's been changed now, should be fixed.