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ZE server Bhopping rule
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Hey guys. Just an idea that I have been thinking about for a while now about the Bhop rule is, our server seems a little too strict about it which is a pretty big factor that doesn't contribute players to come back to our server and play again. Now I know that the no bhop rule has been around the BG community for a really long time but I personally think it just takes the fun away for most people saying they are not allowed to bhop. Also what I noticed is when new players join our server and find out about the no rule, they tend to go aggro and start fussing about the rule even though we explain why it isn't allowed since the use of bhop isn't an actual offense, more or so it is part of the CsGo game.

Ex: If we had 40+ people playing on the ZE server at once, more than likely at least 1/4 of the server population are going to bhop. Does that mean we are going to ban that 1/4 of the server population?

Even if we managed to control the certain people, that doesn't mean others aren't going to question about that single rule. At most, we would only be able to explain why they can't do it, but that just makes other not wanting to come back to the server and play again. I just feel that the rule is just to restricted and needs to be changed.​


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I am also open to removing the rule altogether. Come to think of it or not, I've been somewhat relaxed on this rule. Im not against it, nor for it. But overall I think it should be removed because it is a part of the game, and as long as people think its a part of the game, I think it should be allowed. I have alot of people complain about "WHAT?! no Bhop" and I think it drives some players away.
Just my 2 cents.


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I personally hate dealing with scripters it's always accompanied by, or complaints about "scripters" but I think if this is something the deters a lot of honest players and is causing players to avoid/leave/disrupt we should consider it.

It seems to be something talked about a number of times, and I don't think it would be that missed. I say let's go for it.


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If we're gonna change the no bhop rule i feel like we should guide people who don't know how to bhop, that way its fair for everyone. When im playing ze, players who bhop do have a huge advantage when playing. I've noticed this multiple times on the Jurassic map, when i was near the stalls one player zombie was near the back of gate near the pump and bhop all the way to me by the time i got to the other secret opening


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Out of all of this. I believe it would be a more positive goal to actually support the bhop idea instead disregarding it all the time. As Jesus mentioned, we can try to even provide knowledge on how to bhop to others that can't if its necessary. Other than that, even if people are scripting, its not that hard to find who the real guinea pig is that decides to cheat in our servers.