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so here are some servers that maybe can be fun to soon or never:)
  • zombi mod server
  • surf hard
  • base bulider
  • jail
  • minigames
  • ffa
  • retake
  • awp only
  • knife
  • hide and seek
  • ttt
  • dust only
  • bhop hard
  • bhop ez
  • deathrun
  • pistol only
  • competitiv
  • hunger games
that was the servers i maybe wanna add hope this helps :)


Server Admin
just seems way too many to uphold, would be best to narrow down on the server types


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I'm happy to see new members coming on the forums, but the unfortunate reality is that our server (We use one big computer to host multiple "servers") can only hold so many gamemodes/"servers" without suffering issues like lag or choppiness to the people in game. So, unless we have more money we can't host any more than we currently have.

Rest assured that as soon as servers run on love, friendship and, tolerance that we will be expanding though! :heart:
Appreciate the suggestion, but for performance reasons we will be keeping it to 3 servers maximum. This allows the server to perform optimally under heavy load.