Zombie Escape New Weapons Plugins & Items

Hey Guys,

I did some messing around last night on the server and added a couple new plugins:
  • Weapons Management: I added a plugin that handles weapons management a little differently. You can now select your gun purchase method and set it to purchase those items every round or have the plugin give you a random setup every round. Up to you!
  • Health Shot: Donors now have access to the healthshot item in CSGO. This item gives you 50 health and you can use it how you see fit. It's available to Donors + Admins at the moment.
  • Smoke Grenades Re-Enabled: I have re-enabled smoke grenades which work as freeze grenades. Now that we have both smoke and decoys working as freeze grenades, humans now have 2 freeze grenades.
  • Automatic Grenades: The server will give you 1 smoke, 1 he and 1 decoy automatically every round. This way we avoid humans who don't have weapons. This only applies after you've selected your weapons preference using the menu I mentioned above.
Let's give this a test and see how things go. Please give me whatever feedback you have!