Zombie Escape New Plugin Additions

So I took the time to give ZE some love to help in a few areas. I would like for everyone to give these changes a shot and see if they work well. Here is what I added:
  • A plugin that detects if there is a countdown happening, for example "Be prepared to run in 10 seconds". It will then show that countdown of 10 seconds on your screen so you can be ready :).
  • A plugin that handles the transparency of your teammates. So if you're in a spot where there are many humans bunched together and you cannot see the zombie, it will make them transparent and easier to focus on your target.
  • A plugin that auto zspawns you when you join the server. This way new players aren't confused and can just jump right into the action.
  • A plugin that allows spectators to see the names of people when they're watching. This makes it easy to report people doing bad things in the server.
  • Lastly, I added a plugin that adds some more color to the console messages. It does duplicate the console messages, but the second message is much more colorful and noticeable on the hud.
Give these changes a shot and let me know if you like them. If any cause issues then please report them so I can either adjust them or remove them altogether.


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Sounds like a bunch of useful, practical mods! I dig it.
So far they work pretty well! Although the double text is kinda weird its not too bad.