All Servers New Donor Perks Added

Hey All,

Excited to announce that we have added some new donor perks to all of the bG servers. So here is the rundown of what you have access to:
  • All donors have access to the new !tags command in our servers. This command allows you to change your Chat Tag, Name Color and Chat Tag color as you see fit.
  • All donors have access to a special glow rank color called "Rose". Glow ranks were recently added to our servers and you are given special colors based on your kill-score rank. This color follows you via all servers and can be accessed via the !glows command.
  • Special connect message for all servers. We've added a more robust connect message system to all servers and it allows us to customize it based on your permissions.
*Note: Due to the change with chat tags and name colors, this has been completely removed from the store. The two were conflicting.


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Nifty, it's always nice when donors get nice things! ^_^