Moving Game Servers (Completed)

Hi All,

So I've made the decision to move our game servers from our current hosting provider to NFO. I would like to thank Psychz Network for the years of service, but I feel as though it has limited us to a degree.

Our current servers are located in Dallas and that does not seem to be a popular location for game servers in general. We will be moving to Chicago, like in the past. We used a Chicago data center early on during bG's best days and I'm hoping it will lead to more of that.

One thing to note, this process will probably take a little bit to complete and we may confuse some people when it's all said and done. However, our traffic has been minimal on all of the servers so I don't think it'll do much damage.

As always, feel free to give your feedback!
It's all complete guys. Thanks for your patience. The new servers are now all live.