Mini Games, Up...Sort Of

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So, I took the time today to go through and work on the Mini Game server, but I have no idea if it's setup correctly. I need some people to head in and test it eventually and post some findings here. I've only loaded the top Game Banana maps listed to the server, so if you have any map suggestions you can post those here too **for now**.

You can check out the server whenever you want. So, have fun!
- Ski Mountain.
- AWP Multigames if anyone can find the CSGO version. (There was a CSGO version a while back but I cant find it.)
- Velocity Tower. (I've seen videos of people on a CSGO version, but I can'd find it either.)
- Saw course maps.
- Lego course map.
- Lego Multigames.
- Smee Tower. (Rice said it, but it's not on the server yet.) I know there's a few CSGO versions but idk where they are.
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Only thing I've found that's affected multiple maps is physics when it comes to player and boat interaction. Pirate wars and the Viking wars map are very linear to play at the moment because no one can drive the boats.