Mini Games Replaced with Easy Surf

Hey All,

So, I know this will upset quite a few of you and I apologize in advance, but I've made the decision to move on from Mini Games. While the server was popular and I'm sure you all liked it, it was quite a pain to manage. Hardcore had mad an incredible effort to keep me appraised of all issues, but the amount of work required to fix most issues and the amount of work needed to maintain it was too much. It's selfish for me to say that, but I really want to make sure that bG does not become a chore to keep up. I know it's hard work to run a community, BUT it should also be fun.

With that being said, I would like to introduce the replacement for Mini Games, Easy Surf. Right now the server is running the essentials with a handful of tier 1-3 maps. It will remain easy surf for quite some time until we need to add harder maps. I'm open to suggestions, but please keep them organized and concise.

Thank you all for your continued support and please don't forget to donate if you can :)


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