Maps for high nade knockback and no ztele.

List as said:

That is about all I can list. Suggest any map I missed so far if you can. If anyone suggests a new map in the future, they should add in their map suggestion if nade knockback and disabled ztele should be implemented in that map.


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Lots of those look like maps that could still benefit from !Ztele being implement especially with odd spots causing players to be stuck. Is there really harm in leaving it enabled for atix (which is pretty much a ZM map with a twist). Same with Mario tower, and licciana. Don't maps like SG1 Missions and Deathstar force a tp to the benefit of the zombies too even if you did go back to spawn?
As for nades, Atix helicopter would allow easier time for zombies to reach the final spot via fail nades.

Consistency is always nice for nades (and everything) as much as possible unless it would detract from maps.

Edit: Massive derp! I was thinking !Ztele as in teleporting back to spawn after typing it in chat! The whole list looks good off hand for enabling the spawning of zombies around people.
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I do agree and disagree on removing ztele for the maps listed. I miss the idea of the "awareness" you had when the zombie spawned with you instead of zteleing back. People would spread out and be more engaged than just head to the end of a room and waiting for zombies to ztele back then shoot. A good example of a map that does not need ztele is ze_Random. I like having people spreading out in the fear that they can get stabbed by the person next to them. It made people more aware of their surroundings in a way.

But I disagree when it comes down to linear maps that have 1 or 2 ways to go like Licciana. If both went half and half, zombies CAN spawn in the front all the time and kill over half the team. I think a shortened timer would be nice though for maps like that so zombies can get a chance when the stragglers are too busy buying stuff they dont need when they ztele.
Another thing to consider for ztele is that there is now even less of a spread among the humans than in CSS, due to the fact that strafe running no longer works. On CSS you would have roughly 3 groups/waves at round start:
1) "pros" with buy scripts and strafe-running in front
2) peeps with buy scripts, but no strafe-running, in the middle
3) peeps without buy scripts and no strafe-running making up the rear
In CSGO groups 1 and 2 get consolidated into one group, making it more likely that the spawning zombie is in the "front" group.