All Servers Lots of Changes, Plugin Updates, Maps, Etc.

Hi All,

Over the past few days I've been implementing a handful of suggestions, adding new maps, removing some and updating existing plugins/extensions. Below is a log of what I've done on each server. Take a look and give me some feedback!

All Servers
  • Updated DHooks Extension
  • Updated SteamWorks Extension
  • Replaced Advanced Admin Commands Plugin (better one)
  • Add more Chat Name Tags to the store to purchase (disabled on Easy Surf)
  • Applied Movement Unlocker Bug Fix (Excluding Arena)
Zombie Escape
  • Removed a handful of broken or troll maps
  • Added ze_paradise_v2_csgo
  • Added ze_tyranny_v3_n1
  • Added ze_starwars_v1_6_1
Easy Surf
  • Enabled Replay Bots (Map Record & Bonus)
  • Removed a handful of broken maps
1v1 Mult-Arena
  • Updated Arena Plugin to Latest Version
  • Updated Challenge Mode Plugin to Latest Version
  • Updated Web Stats
That's all I got for now. I'll post more when I have additional changes made to the server(s).