List of Surf Maps to Practice for Beginners


Server Admin
Im a noob myself at surf so would love to see a list if possible to newcomers at surf and they can play those maps on our servers to practice


Server Admin
It does show now what tiers the maps are and people can just nominate the maps they want to play on.

Blue Dragon

The Frosty One
Council Member
Pretty much any tier 1 map.
Tier one maps are short maps that require no advanced techiques.
If you want to, I can coach you a bit, but I'm no master at surf myself.
I can do select tier 3-4 maps. ;P


Server Admin
Tier 1 maps are easy but there are levels of tier 1 maps too, easy tier1 normal tier 1 and hard tier 1. I was saying list a number or maps that are easiest out of the tier 1 maps