Its a me Skullz

Heya all,

Its a me Skullz.. i dont know if people still remember me but i did play quite a lot on the older Bor3d community, i am quite happy its back (it shud not have been gone in first place hue) but ok..
Let me introduce myself again

I am Skullz, real name Chris, 28years old but still feel like im 16 hue
I live in Belgium, i got one brother and no sisters
I am a mapper, but only for CS:S, the ONLY mods i do not map for is BHOP/SURF, i map more for ZE though
I map more than i play, you will see that on my steam profile huehue
I smoke a lot of cannabis so if i say things who are kinda kinky or weird, just dont mind me

Thats all i guess, if u need anything to know just feel free to ask, i wont bite (or maybe a little)