Introducing the Bor3d Gaming 1v1 Arena

While we have had some pretty good success with the Zombie Escape and Surf Servers, I've noticed that the pub server has been getting absolutely no love. After doing a bit of research on some of the more popular mods for CS:GO, I discovered that 1v1 arena's have been doing fairly well. Because of that I've changed the Pub Fest server to the new 1v1 Arena server.

So, what is 1v1 Arena?
Essentially it contains custom maps that have a handful of sealed off areas where you can 1v1 someone at random. You both will spawn over and over fighting each other in a 1v1 battle until there is a clear winner.

Are there stats for this server?
The typical gameMe stats will still be enabled, but there is also a specific ranking system for server. You can view your ranking and the ranking of the top players here: Bor3d Gaming Multi 1v1 Arena |

You can view these stats by typing in !stats in the game server.

Can we do anything special in the game server?
I've added additional plugins that will allow you to change your 1v1 settings to headshot only. You can change your settings by typing !guns in the server. However, it will only be headshot only if your opponent has headshot only set as well. You can also challenge specific players if you would like by typing the !challenge command in-game.

So take some time out of your busy day and give this server a try. It could be good practice for those of you who play a lot of competitive battles. Feedback is always appreciated!