Easy Surf Introducing, Surf Stats!

This is one of a handful of site customization's we will be making over the next few months. Surf Stats is an integrated display of surf statistics on the Easy Surf server.

Check it out: Surf Stats | Bor3d Gaming | http://www.bor3dgaming.com/surf-stats/

You can see the top 20 players in our server. You can also view the most recent top map completion times. Also you can view the most recent 250 map completions. If you're registered on the forum then you're stats will be associated with your account. Your profile will now show a new "Surf Stats" tab that shows all of your completions to date.

Check it out and let me know if you find any bugs. This is a custom coded add-on made for our community. Cost a pretty penny so I hope you enjoy!


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Looks pretty dang neat! Now to learn how to surf!


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Alright, this is bit bit overdue due to me being la- busy for a week or so.

The initial page.
The top 20 list looks pretty good, to be honest. I really like how it also links to the forum profile of a player, based on Steam ID.
The recent map completions part also looks good, but maybe have it show only one per player, to avoid spam?
Some maps only take seconds to beat, and if that area would remove the old time someone did, when they do the map again, it'd be nice.

Top map completions.
I feel like this page is pretty good as it is, it gets the job done, and seems to be accurate. No specific suggestions for this one.

Map completions.
Is it just me, or is it showing completions for this one particular map only?
Maybe have a drop-box that allows you to select a map and then show results for that map.
Other than that, it seems like there is nothing else missing from it.

Other things.
  1. Would it be possible to have a page just like "Map completions", but for the bonus times? Preferably with the slider I mentioned earlier.
  2. The pages look sort of bland right now, maybe get that lovely shade of orange somewhere, add some borders, pretty it up.
  3. I know the top map completions and map completions pages are there, but there are no links to them on the initial page. Maybe add?
  4. Maybe give top 3 (rows) a different color on the initial page, and 4-10 a slightly less flashy one. Would be pretty cool.