Im back for a really short time (RiP)

Hello everyone, i used to play on bG alot back in the days, you would know me as U.N.D.E.A.D
Since the old server and community got shut down i went my way to GFL, i enjoy my time there, but that is for css!
Not the huge CSGO player (ZE is shit compared to on CSS) but i will play here every now and then for bG!

The sad thing though, im only gonna be here till tuesday (April 12th) and i wont be back till Somewhere in September or early October!
Im going out with a school ship called Georg Stage, its a school ship in Denmark!

I might be lucky enough to get a weekend away from the ship during the time between april 12th and may 19th!
If the captain is in a good mood that is!
Im going out to become a sailor! travel the seas!
Im going to: Lofoten (Norway) Marocco, Gibraltar, Portugal and a few other locations! sadly no places around America, its just european countries!

If i dont see you before i leave, i will probably see you once i have returned :)

Some real life info!:
* Firstname: Magni (if you want the rest, just send me a message and i will tell you my middle and last name)
* Age: 18 (19 the 16th april)
* Pets: Dog, Cat and a rabbit!
* Favorite games to play: CS:S and Smite!

If you have any question, just send me a message ;)