How do we make Bor3d Gaming fun for you?

Hi All,

I am reaching out to everyone in our community, past and present, to help gather ideas for making our servers more popular. These ideas can range from configuration changes to swapping out server types. Clearly, the key for us going forward is to become more active and popular. If more people are playing on the servers then we do not really have much to worry about. However, you need unique experiences to make your servers more attractive to new gamers. That's the key!

So, what would you like to see bG change or add to make the servers more enjoyable for you?


Server Admin
First of all, I am glad to see that the forums are back up again and also loving the new look. So far the server settings itself is fine with all the plugins we have, its more of trying to get regulars and get active players on here to populate the servers. I think we need a good foundation of players then we could setup events along the way to increase our servers popularity base like other servers do.

Helpful plugins
A plugin that I think would be helpful is the "!bhud" command which shows the HP for bosses or any other Ai's along the ZE maps.

That is all for now.
A plugin that I think would be helpful is the "!bhud" command which shows the HP for bosses or any other Ai's along the ZE maps.
That's already on the ZE server :)
I would say, I'm missing the old ZE servers on css, I think its quiet better ZE then on csgo. To make them more popular you should make more like a recuitment community like all servers do these days. Also I prefer to get the servers on a more central place like the old servers 'we' had. Like I used to be able to knife everyone but now I desync way to hard to hit faster then any NA player. I've been playign lately on a jb server that doesn't run empty unless the server restarts. This server has also multiple CSGO/Team Fortress2/ Garry mod servers, in all kinds. This community is well grown and works on a recuitment system. I think you gotta make your size toughts about a community a bit bigger. People don't come wondering on servers like they used to on css. So, advertising is latly a must. There is alot of community lately also sharing eachothers discord since not everyone is big and has multiple servers, but this mind boost the playerbase. Also since we only play when events are anounced, I think we should announce more events. Not daily but atleast weekly so people know there is gonna be/expect people gonna be online. More ideas I cant think of. Hope my reply helps goodluck.

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