How did you find Bor3d Gaming?

It's always fun to find out how people made their way here. Everyone takes different paths in life, so share your story with us about how you found Bor3d Gaming. Even if the story isn't all that amazing, we'd love to know.

Me...well...I created it. The End ^_^


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I found Bor3d Gaming a long while back. It was about errr 4-5 years ago, I don't remember... Anyways, I was influenced by my brother a long time ago (hes much older than me) I saw him playing Counter Strike, and he was playing this Zombie mod I had no idea of. I got hooked the moment I saw the mod and the game. So I was a troublemaker and snuck on the PC every chance I could back in grade school (I didnt have one of my own at the time).
First thing I did was install steam, buy CSS, and find a server that had zombies in it!!! :3. I went by a different name back then before I changed to "Fruit". I was a total noob, always dying, but I always wanted to try. I use to be a member of intox. gaming playing ZM before I had a taste in Zombie Escape. I would always want to play the map wtfhax cause I knew all the secrets and cading spots, cause I was a sneaky bastard! One day, Intox. servers never came back online. I waited and waited, never came back. My craving was endless, so I could not wait any longer, then started searching for a new server. I found a server playing ze_arctic_Escape, Server: [bG] Bor3dGaming. It was a more fast paced and I actually didnt like Zombie Escape at first because I was "wth, no cading? I gotta keep moving??? I CANT KEEP UP". But, what kept me going and coming back, was the people... I will always remember my first friend on the server: Darth Peanut. He was one of the reasons I kept coming back. Then I started becoming fond of the community as a whole,,,

and it started out like that.. :3
If I remember correctly, when I was looking for a counter strike server I didn't understand the game at the time and didn't know there were any additional custom game modes besides vanilla. I ran into the old dust2 server that was dominated by tekniq and ninjarob. From there, I found the other servers through the community. I think this was in 2007, but I could easily be wrong. If so, I would have been 14 years old o_O
Back then give or take 3 years ago, I played CS:S frequently, mostly zombie escape or minigames and I just so happen to join one of the Bor3d gaming zombie escapes. I became more acquainted with the people and decided to join the forums, really one of the best things I've done as I've made tons of new friends I otherwise never would have known.
I was watching youtube videos and found some videos of zombie escape and the server info was in the description so I then joined and thus began my bG adventures. I think the guy I watched went by the name of neo, not sure.


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I remember seeing a gaming TV show on G4 Tech or w/e it's called and they talked about a zombie mode for Half-Life! I ended up buying a counter-strike game and the Orange box back in the day because I've heard good things and Adored zombie games since Zombie Panic: Source and Left 4 Dead. Quickly found out about a server named Bor3d Gaming for zombie Escape (Way cooler Imo!) after seeing a handful with people buying admin/unbalanced/buggy servers. This would have been about 6 years ago! It was surreal seeing the server become full at 30/30 slots, and then expanding to 40 slots and still just having enough room! First map was PoTC, I was in awe over how much like the movie it was! Several months past, and it felt like the time of my life making so many friends and I applied for admin :D


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Prolly like 4 years prior to me joining bG. I did play minigames server for a while. Then my dads computer shit the bad and never got a new one for my whole highschool career and couldn't afford one of my own. I couldn't play CSS for 4 years. Finally as a graduation gift. My parents bought me a laptop and first thing I did was install steam and CSS. I wanted to play minigames but didn't remember the name of the server I played on. So I started searching for a minigames server and found bG and stayed about 4 years ago. bG also got me into ZE which I would say is one of my best game types, I did also play some ZM before the 4 year thing too. What kept me staying was all the friends I made and eventually became admin. I try to play other servers but its not the same everyone is either a moron or a dick. So yea that's my story!
I first played ZE back around the age of 11, right around the time I was entering the 6'th grade. I didn't actually play it that often until about a year later, when I found bG. My first memory of the server is Fruit soloing a level on Mako (I assume EX2; can't say for sure, been awhile). Watching it all happen made me think "I wanna get that good!", so I ended up playing every night for the longest time. Eventually (I forget how long), I started to reach out and talk with the rest of the community; the rest you should know...
After the failing of the Vintage Jailbreak CSS community after founders Neo and Starbuck were hired by Silence for his servers (popular servers but remembering the name just comes as a blank to me), and the attempt to revive it being called Remnants I was introduced to their short-lived mini games server for the first time ever. After it became dead and the community failed I found bG just looking for a populated server and the reason I stuck around was Vigon was the first person on the internet to get a Clerks II reference, and talking to LadyTweedleBug about the joys of black dick (not kidding on that one). And then BlueFlame joined my game one day with his friend Bryan and that's all she wrote.
Damn all your stories are so interesting. I started off like most playing zm maps but i got really fed up with people taking all the good cade spots or people ruining your cade so i decided to try ze since it seemed more diverse and fast paced. Bored gaming just so happened to be the first server i found and i got hooked from that day on because of the awesome atmosphere in the servers and all the amazing people that played there


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I found bG from my cousin Tammymatty, I was bored;) and I needed something to play so he said try ZE so I hopped on my Intel Pentium pc and joined the server in 2012 and have been playing ever since:D


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I found bG just roaming around and playing ze maps and stumbled onto this community, IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, kids getting yelled at for screaming and getting banned it was bliss