Help! I've been banned or muted...

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First, relax! It's not the end of the world or your experience in Bor3d Gaming to be banned. Most cases an admin will see you breaking rules and will give you a small timeout. That's nothing to worry about or anything to get bent out of shape over. In a few cases though, an admin will ban/mute you if you have repeatedly made the same mistake or broken one of the many rules of our game servers. When this happens it is best to make sure you find your ban or mute in our ban system and then request it lifted if you feel it was not warranted.

Before you submit that appeal, be sure to think about your ban or mute carefully:
  • Were you breaking any server rule to warrant being muted or banned? If so, does it make sense to appeal?
  • Is the ban long enough to warrant the appeal? If it's only for a few minutes then I would suggest waiting it out.
  • Don't immediately submit the appeal, wait a few minutes. It's entirely possible an admin selected you by mistake.
  • Be mindful of your appeal and be calm. Anger towards admins or the community will not be met with warm responses.
Once you've settled down and have a firm idea of why you were banned or muted, submit your appeal!
Not open for further replies.