Approved Game Servers Suggestion: ZE Multiple Grenade Glitch/Exploit

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ZE Multiple Grenade Glitch/Exploit
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I've been playing on ze for a while i have started to notice the same person using more than 2 grenades (3 if donor). After asking how they could aquire more grenades they told me they used !Zmarket to spawn with 2 Freeze nades also after they used the grenades they would use !guns for a new gun but most likely for more grenades. The Problem with this is simply people will have more than 2-3 nades they could use at will, thats wouldn't be as much of a problem if the freeze nades didn't have as much range. People can simply spam 4-6 nades if used correctly.
Solution: Find a script that will only allow Either !zmarket or !guns not both, if not then increase the prices of grenades on !zmarket. those are my suggestions not saying they are the only ways they just seem like they will work the best, im just saying my opinion on a matter that needs be dealt with. Fixing this glitch/exploit would make most maps less human sided.​


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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I imagine @bor3d will take care of fixing this as it seems to be a big problem. Might just end up removing one of the commands.

Keep in mind, the balancing of freeze nades is mean to be around each person having 1 freeze, and a handful more with a second freeze to encourage donations to help us run the server and assorted costs.

Edit: Also, should warn people against using it since it's obviously an exploit.
Apparently the glitch is still happening. Purplex said he had 5 grenades on surf just now.
Well then it's not happening via zmarket. Because it's flat out disabled.
Ok so this glitch is still kinda working. The people that had a saved class for !zmarket can in theory not buy from !guns at the start of the round. That way they get their zmarket loadout with its grenades (even though !zmarket is disabled) then use !guns to change it halfway through the map. Yes i know !zmarket is disabled but somehow we still get our saved loadout from it at the start of the round. In my case i auto get an awp, dualies and grenades at the start of each round. So there has to be a way to wipe the server of the zmarket memory or something to clear everyones saved loadouts from it
Thanks for that. I went in and updated everyones autobuy zmarket cookie to 0 so it should stop that from happening. If it still happens, let me know.