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Surf server map bug
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I just wanted to bring it to your attention that there is this bug with certain maps on the surf server that wont let me join because it says your map differs from the servers map. I heard other people that have the same problems (for me its surf_beginner and surf_derpis) why is this a problem? say if I didn't have anything else to do and nobody was on the other servers ZE/1v1 people normally go to surf but if the server plays a map that has this bug people can't join the surf server. I have only seen this bug with the surf server, a good solution is a plugin that forces players to download the samemap ex: surf_beginner/surf_derpis.​


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Hey Bean, thanks for the feedback!

When it says your map differs from the servers, it means you have already downloaded the map However, it doesn't look the same as the one we have in the server. The easiest way to fix this on our servers is to go to your Steam/steamapps/common/counterstrikeglobaloffensive/CSGO/Maps folder. Delete the .nav, the .jpg, the the map file with the name surf beginner. (some won't have nav/jpg files).

It most often occurs if you have played a map elsewhere and it gets an update under the exact name (surf_example instead of using something like surf_examplev3ab). I'd assume it could still happen, but this will fix the bug for bG server maps ~96% of the time.

I'm sure @bor3d could take a look, or if it's a big problem for our server we can replace, rename or remove a map providing you give a name. Oh, and you can always download the maps directly from our fastDL server, then place it in the maps folder if you're having download issues.
The maps we're using has been downloaded from other communities, released map packs or even gamebanana. So if it's saying that your map differs that means you downloaded a map with a similar name and different file size. As Hardcore suggested, if you want to play on our server then you can delete the map you have in your local CSGO installation. This is not a bG bug, but how CSGO handled players with differing map files.