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!stopsound Tracer bug
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If you hit !stopsound in the middle of a map the tracers bug out and stop working. not sure if intended or if it's meant to be but makes seeing people's reloads really hard. By tracers I mean both store and ingame tracers.​


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Can confirm, tested it out earlier.

I really like the default tracers, lets you see where your team is shooting :c
So if you type in !stopsound it removes the tracers? I'm not following...
Ya it doesn't always happen but the tracer particles from the ingame store and the default game tracers disappear and don't return until a map change happens.


Currently Online.. Probably.
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So if you type in !stopsound it removes the tracers? I'm not following...
If you use !stopsound it will stop rendering the little flash of yellow that follows most weapons bullets. In engine it's also called a tracer. The store bought tracers can still be seen, but the default valve bullet tracers cannot. The USP and the Duelies both don't have valve default tracers intentionally but most/all other weapons do.
There is no update to the plugin so it's basically I can remove the !stopmusic plugin or just leave it.
It isn't too large of an issue I was mostly wondering if you knew of a work around. I'd vote to keep it because it helps a bit with the communication on hold points

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Might be able to look into this with a few more "wise heads", in order to update / fix the plugin.
Stay tuned. Blue is back in town, and ready to wreck some zombies.