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When someone does a report I feel that there's a need to have the person reporting to manually fill out the STEAM ID, reason, and have tangible evidence such as a demo or screenshot of the offense, instead of just having the 'sm_report' command. Maybe have a In-Game reports section of the forums where there are fields that players can fill out for STEAM ID, reason, and then post evidence of the offense. I've seen this done in other gaming communities and I think it would be very beneficial, instead of people accusing other players with the report system.​
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You can't really force people to take demos. The report system is more to let admins know they should hop on and see what is happening. Not to really say "ban this guy right now". That's what the forum report application is for.

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I quite agree with bor3d.
The reports here are more of a "Please check this person out." requests to admins, not an actual manually written player report.
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