Approved Game Servers Suggestion: Remove Smoke (Freeze) grenade and Add Molotov

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Remove Smoke (Freeze) grenade and Add Molotov
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Soooo, Ive seen many scenarios where people save their grenades for the end and it kinda defeats the purpose of last hold point since people can just freeze zombies and have an easy win. I think having 2 freeze grenades is overpowering and game changing to the server. I know the nades' radius's were nerfed in the past, but for close quarters, its still kinda feels the same. Thats why I'm suggesting to remove the smoke grenade and replace it with the Molotov; that way we have 1 FREEZE, and 1 MOLO (and HE nade ofc). I've also seen some maps have the molotov as a pick up item for ex: Helms Deep in the crates at the top. It would also add a little more variety for how humans want to escape or retreat from a hold instead of using freezes all the time.

(Optional suggestion EDIT): a second freeze grenade could be a donor perk?
Had a derp moment, thanks bor3d :)

Edit: Ehhh im kinda lazy to rephrase this, but I think molo should still replace smoke..​
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+1 but would need to decide if the molotov would be donator or if it'd be an all player thing?


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I think we should set non-donors to using HE+Molly since those are the most commonly used entities in maps for pickups and most servers don't use freezes from what I've seen. Freezes can be pretty oppressive, as well as cause issues with maps anywhere where there's some kind of zombie specific pushback (materias, the light, ect). I do like how freeze grenades can buy enough time to reload any given gun (Negev is like 6 seconds)


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Having 1 molo and 1 HE nade for just the non-donors sounds pretty balanced. Ex: If you have 20 players on the server and 2 zombie's on the side, that would be 20 freeze nades which sounds very overpowering. That doesn't include the extra freeze nades from donors.
I've made the decoy a donor perk only and the default for regular players an HE with Molotov.
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