Approved Game Servers Suggestion: Map removal: ze_chicken_lords

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Map removal: ze_chicken_lords
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Having played this map multiple times on ze, I can say with confidence that it is a horrible map and should be removed from Bor3d Gaming's ze map rotation.

This map is a "troll map", that just punishes the players for just playing it. This causes it to be undesirable to play, which can cause a decline in active players and potential player.

Its also worthy of noting that random players -usually at later hours- have been intentionally choosing and extend the map, either to intentionally ruin other players fun, and or to get a quick laugh on others expense.

In conclusion, its a terrible map that should at the very lest be considered removed, for its terrible design and its effect of potential and active players. I thank you for your time.​


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I think blueflame raises some valid points, and it's very unfun to play imho.

Anyone else got some thoughts on it?


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This map is by far annoying. The fact you can pretty much team kill or troll other players just by a click of a button is kinda un-fun, also people will shove the "THE MAP INTENDED IT" excuse right at us, and that doesnt help at all. Not to mention, its griefing that we cannot control entirely because we cant really get hard evidence of the person who trolled. An even bigger troll map is ze_evil_mansion, but at least that map makes death feel more "enjoyable" lol. It's more like the map is griefing you. Chicken Lordz= Players make map grief others. Evil Mansion= Map griefs players instead of human triggers (which is actually kinda less frustrating because that map gets quite a few good laughs at times.)