Denied Game Servers Suggestion: Map Addition: ze_stalker_Ultimate_v4_4

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Zombie Escape
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I recently found this map, have played it a couple of times and it looks really nice. it fits the eerie theme and I think its worth a shot! It has items too.
THEME: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Games
BSP MAP FILE:ze_stalker_ultimate_v4_4.bsp |
NAV FILE: ze_stalker_ultimate_v4_4.nav |

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I'm hesitant to add this because the file size is redic. If people REALLY want this map then they need to come and vote for it.


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Fruit was saying it's pretty awesome of a map in terms of visuals and atmosphere, so it seems like it could be pretty hype for when there's a lot of regulars looking for something new to try out. It looks fully fleshed out, even if it's larger and that might cause a couple disconnects.
I've added the map to the server for now. Let's see how it goes.

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Have played this on CS:S ZE and am friends with the mapper.
It's a really good map, but I wonder how it will do on CS:GO.
Removed the map due to a bug Fruit confirmed. Crashes client on box.


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Re-looking at this map, the bug does not happen anymore after the "fix" update. It must of been a coincidence that I crashed because it was during the crappy update that I tested it. Something must of happened that valve didnt like and just spat it right back at me. Anyways, I tested it out 3 times trying to do the bug, it didnt crash me this time during the "fix". I managed to kill boss and win the stage. I wouldnt mind having another go at this map.