Denied Game Servers Suggestion: Change 1v1 to Gungame

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Change 1v1 to Gungame
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I have a suggestion to change the 1v1 to gun game. I feel like more people play gun game then 1v1. sometimes in 1v1 you dont even have an opponent if there isn't enough people, and happens way more often when there are very few people playing. I think the people who currently populate ze may also enjoy a gun game server. I personally love gun game and besides zombies play that as well. I dont have much else to say other then the 1v1 has no one in it ever. please give my suggestion consideration. Thanks :D


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Well I think GunGame can be a blast, I also think 1 v 1 does have a large appeal to the CS:GO community. It often even gets players with 0 connection to bG in it!

With that said, I think Gungame also feels better for community games as you interact with everyone.

Pros and cons to both. 1 v 1 hasn't been too shabby, albeit I love gungame :)
Ill be down for Gun Game, I wouldnt mind trashing yall in it haha
Gun Game is one of the lowest tracking servers when it comes to community involvement. 1v1 has been getting consistent people, more so than any other server. Sorry Tara.