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Hey guys.
I would like to bring up the idea of having to increase the clip size of certain guns in the game. I will be listing the guns that I have in mind and the statistics of the pros and cons of each guns.

AK: from 30 > 45. Big knock back but less accuracy and fire rate.
M4a4 or M4a1's: from 30 > 50. Good accuracy but less knockback.


PP-BIZON: from 64 > 70. Good recoil and accuracy but low knockback and fire rate.
MP9: from 30 > 50. decent knockback, fast rate of fire but very low accuracy and high recoil.
P90: from 50 > 70. small knockback, decent rate of fire, and low recoil.
MAC-10: from 30 > 60. bad recoil and aim. Fast rate of fire and small knockback.

P250: from 13 > 30. Good accuracy and decent knockback. Mostly mid range.
FiVE-SEVEN: from 20 > 35. long range, decent knockback but low accuracy.
DEAGLE: from 7 > 21. good knockback, slow rate of fire, bad good accuracy, and very high recoil.
DUAL BERRETAS: from 30 > 50. Fast rate of fire, high recoil, low accuracy and long reload time.
USP-S: from 12 > 30 Very good accuracy, decent rate of fire, very low knockback.
GlOCK-18: from 20 > 40. decent accuracy, low recoil, small knockback.
NEGEV and M249: same.

I brought this suggestion up because when there are large hordes of zombies to defend, it would still be hard to fend them off even though if there is a good sum of people alive throughout the map. I know this ESPECIALLY from experience and I would like to see if it would be possible if we could have the guns listed above be changed to make the game to be a bit more balanced than it is now. If there are any other guns that I have missed then please comment down for suggestions as well.​
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There is no plugin out now that allows you to handle ammo clip size in CSGO. You can edit the game files directly, but that's a pain in the ass since it gets reset every game update.