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Favorite Authors

Discussion in 'Books' started by PacotheFriendlyTaco, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. PacotheFriendlyTaco

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    Feb 15, 2016
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    Tell us your favorite authors and the books of theirs you would recommend!

    My top two favorite authors of all time are JRR Tolkien and HP Lovecraft. Both of them have had such a monumental influence on all forms of media today and not many people actually realize this. Tolkien was basically the father of modern high fantasy (though not the first to use it, he definitely popularized it). Lovecraft created the legendary Cthulhu mythos and revolutionized the horror genre. References to his work, subtle or not, can be found absolutely everywhere. For example, games inspired by Lovecraft tend to be some of my favorites. The most notable example, of which I am a HUGE fan, is Bloodborne. Bloodborne is essentially "Lovecraft: The Game". Others include World of Warcraft, Skyrim, countless indie games, and more.

    Recommended Reading
    • The Hobbit - This is a good read for people not used to his work. Trust me, the book is WAY better than the movies.
    • LOTR Trilogy - An obvious choice. This one is legendary and often tells stories not seen in the movies
    • The Silmarillion - If you are a Tolkien buff like me this is basically the Holy Bible. It shows the history of the world from its inception. This book is extremely archaic and not recommended as a casual read.
    • The Children of Hurin - One not heard of as often, but a good read anyway. More history and interesting stories.
    • Shadow Over Innsmouth - A legendary story about a creepy fishing village. One of the most referenced Lovecraftian stories.
    • Call of Cthulhu - Not so much an interesting read but more of something to read because of its significance. A lot of this story is presented in the form of various articles written after an event. This is still one of the most famous of his works.
    • At the Mountains of Madness - Just an all around interesting story and one of his few novels. Protip: The movie "Prometheus" was heavily inspired by this story.
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      I work at a library, so it's finally my time to shine!

      My personal suggestion is you ask one of the people at desk, because I have no idea how to read.
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        Feb 16, 2016
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        I live and breathe Lovecraft, his collection of works and poetry is something I can always dive into and never wish to leave. If you enjoy "Weird Fiction" I'd recommend Robert E. Howard and his excellent Conan series, it has the opposite effect of Lovecraft, with order being emphasized and chaos is what will destroy the human race in his writings , Howard focuses on his vision that we were meant to live in chaos and that is what makes us human. Plus the Conan universe is just stunning and brutal.
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        • Homedog

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          Feb 16, 2016
          Brian Jacques was my favorite children's book author. He died a few years ago but he created a series that I hold dear to my heart, called Redwall. It's about woodland critters who live at an abbey, and throughout each book across different time periods at the abbey, they have to go through different and exciting trials. I remember reading every single one at my middle school's library, and then ordering the rest online to finish it all out. It's also pretty mature for a children's book series, and things die. A lot.

          Brian Jacques: The Official Website | http://www.redwallabbey.com/
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