Discord Server is Back!

So at the recommendation of some of the Council members, we have set up a Discord server for you all to use. The TeamSpeak server will still be active, but the discord will be for those that simply want to use it more. So how can you use the Discord server? Well here is the invite link to get you started:

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers | https://discord.gg/eYwRHju

Please make sure you have downloaded the Discord application for your computer (or the app too). Once you have it downloaded and your settings all gravy, just use the link above to connect to the server.

Additionally, if you're a Donor, Admin or Council member. You will want to make sure you connect your Discord account with your forum account. It will automatically sync your permissions appropriately. To do this, head to:


Click on the button that says "Associate with Discord" and allow the application permissions to grab information from your account. It's that simple.

Even if you're not an admin or donor, do it. It'll be easier when you become one ;).



Server Admin
Ok, so I really want to link my account but it brings me to a page that says "Mismatching Redirect URL".
It's being looked into. Waiting to hear back from the developer.


Currently Online.. Probably.
Council Member
Associated the account, the old error is gone. It hasn't updated any role or anything though but it might just need a minute or 5 to update.

Blue Dragon

The Frosty One
Council Member
There was a bug with role syncing a while back which we manually fixed over at another community.
Maybe have a small talk about this later, @bor3d ?