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Let me start off by saying that I wasn't interested in art whatsoever before I discovered photography. In high school I took a sculpture class in the 10th grade as a required art credit. I didn't enjoy it much at all. I have a really good friend who had been in the photography program since his freshman year and he urged me to take photography. I trusted his advice so I signed up to join the intermediate class the following year in 11th grade. From the first day in class I remember being captivated by everything that photography had to offer. I was nervous about skipping the entry level class at first. We were only allowed to use film for the first half of the semester and I had no idea how to use an analog film camera. Thankfully it came naturally to me and I ended up enjoying film much more than digital photography. I got a Nikon D-3200 for Christmas that year so most of what I'm sharing on this post will be from that camera. I ended up taking advanced level photography AP my senior year of high school (AP basically means that I could have gotten college credit for my work if I submitted a portfolio to the college board). As I said earlier, my preference is film so most of what I did during my two years only exists in the physical world as B&W prints. Yes I'm too lazy to make high-res scans on my prints. Maybe some day. If anyone is wondering, I have used 35mm, Medium format(61mm), and 4x5 film cameras. My favorite is probably Medium format because of the image quality and versatility. What I'm sharing in this post is my senior legacy project and a fun little slide show from my vacation with my girlfriend after graduation. The senior legacy video was supposed to be a slideshow with pictures of ourselves but I filled mine with digital photo stuff since I don't have too many pictures of myself. I prefer to be behind the camera I suppose. There is stuff that isn't art in there because it had to be a minimum length so I apologize for that, but hey I guess you'll get a look into my life. The vacation video is just stuff I shot at the Jacksonville Zoo and the Saint Augustine Alligator Farm.

TL;DR here is some hobbyist stuff that i wont compile into an official portfolio



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Oh man, but digital is so much easier to correct mistakes after and see it as you took the photo! I envy the man patient enough for film!
Oh man, but digital is so much easier to correct mistakes after and see it as you took the photo! I envy the man patient enough for film!
There's something about the process of developing my own film and spending hours in a darkroom fiddling with enlarger settings and techniques that I find much more satisfying. Maybe the dozens of toxic chemicals I exposed myself to on a regular basis have messed with my brain :p


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I took a photography class but the only picture I took that I liked ended up ruined by the rain after I got it back.

We had to take over a hundred pictures of a piece of paper and make it look different by manipulating light.
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