Bunny Hopping / Bhop rule discussion

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So lately I've noticed there's a ton of talk regarding the bhop rule, a lot of misconseption, and a lot of interpratations on why it's a rule, what the rule implies, or just why/why not it should(n't) be a rule. I think we as a community could benefit from talking about it some so I'm making this thread.

For starters, what constitudes bunny hopping; Bunny Hopping at it's core is the name of a fairly specific set of actions that leads to increased speed above what normal gravity/friction/stamina/settings, your weapon movement speed, and air accelerate should allow. When you land a jump on the descend, if you time your second jump well to exactly when you hit the ground, you will not lose speed you created from both downwards gravity and the air accelerate among many other factors.

Jumping multiple times, or strafing and jumping doesn't nessasarily mean they're bhopping. They're moving around fairly, and playing the game as intended. Jumping while going down a steap hill increases speed, but isn't bunny hopping. Jumping after a surf so that you keep current momentum isn't a bhop.

Bhopping isn't an unfair advantage because "Not everyone can Bhop". It's built into the game, and it can be done by anyone who chooses to learn and has the skill. The problem is that we as a community play by a predefined set of rules, and that players who still bhop while the rule is there gain an advantage against those who play by the rules. The rule exists not only because is it annoying to play against, but also because it's easier to Bunny hop due to the difference in settings on bor3d gaming compared to regular competive/casual settings. There's also a rampant ammount of bunny hop scripters compared to other cheats and scripts and it's harder to detect even with additional detection for admins which may not work until there's a long string of unhuman jumps in a row.

As it stands, it's not clear in our rules what is or isn't a bhop according to us (Not even all the admins seem to agree). I think we could also benefit from making it physically harder to bhop in servers. Making it harder to bhop means it'll keep average players from getting in trouble, require less admin intervention, and require people to put effort in if they want to bhop (iregardless of if we need the rule afterwards or not).

Players also shouldn't Bhop to gain any sort of advantage. I personally don't care if players bhop in circles at hold points unless it's stopping the zombies from getting you as easily if you weren't.
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There's a plugin that prevents people from Bhopping which I have also seen on other ZE servers. For instance, if a player does straif consecutive times at one go, the server will prevent the player to jump instantly for a quick second which stops them to do consecutive bhops.

Blue Dragon

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As someone who has spent hundreds of hours on BHOP servers, I tend to usually disagree with all the hate for it.
In this case, the volatile environment of CS:GO for ZE is slightly different, and it might be quite iffy to determine whether BHOP should, or should not be allowed.

I think that BHOP in general is alright, but should not be allowed if it gives the player a hefty advantage.
Some maps may have areas where a single zombie can demolish the entire human team using this "gimmick".
However, I do not support "hard" plugins to absolutely disable strafing or BHOP.

Just my 2 cents.


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@Blue Dragon , so to get this straight - You think zombie escape is volatile, bhop can give a hefty advantage, bhop can wreck the entire human team but also think we should only rule against it when it's giving a big advantage? Seems like this will make a huge grey area in-between. What if it's of only moderate advantage?

Why not just make it harder on Bhoppers via plugin or settings so that it's never such a significant advantage as for players to feel cheated of a round and always more so outplayed?

ZE to me always felt a bit more about being crafty, smart, and unpredictable instead of having a zombie who's burnt to a crisp, barely visible, and somewhat laggy fly in at 500+ movespeed because he was able to scroll wheel for the 50ft prior to a 60 second hold. The "crafty" style of play is more fun to play against. Grabbing a couple players at a time until you can just overwhelm the humans or sneak up behind them makes for much more exciting gameplay than 1 super-human zombie flying obscenely fast.

There's no shortage of failnades either!


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To be honest, I don't disregard the whole Bhopping thing either. What we should do is either change the description for the no Bhop rule to be more distinctive or add a viable plugin that can balance the server out.

Or rather just update the Bhop rule so people will have a more clear understanding of the rule
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I like the Plugin idea because I think it would ease the duty of admins having to explain the "vague" meaning we have for the rule. I can bhop myself but I think it always causes unfair advantage or causing problems for the human team who cant catch up.
Ex: Ive seen people bhop all the way down to the Mako Reactor core and get so far ahead, that the people who arent as fast but still are able to make it down in time, get teleported. They then flame on the bhoppers and thats why I always say its "frowned" upon to bhop. Not everyone wants to be a pro and bhop all the time just to stay with the people who are ahead triggering triggers that are being activated earlier than they usually are.
Bhopping is a skill that should be learned like aiming and crouchjumping. If someone does not know how to bhop, theyre just missing out on a feature that can make you play better.

Plus, its not required to bhop to win a map, unlike surfing and crouchjumping.
This can only work if an admin was on, but if bhopping is being used as an exploit to increase speed and perhaps, as a zombie, speed up to catch up to the survivors the admin could freeze the exploiter. The same would probably go for humans as well if they use it as an exploit or unfair way to the rules of the server they would be frozen for a certain duration, or until that person is killed by a zombie.


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@Genghis Khan Currently admins do Freeze/kick/ban/warn/ect bhoppers though. This is more a thread for what bhop is, what it isn't, why is it a rule, or stuff along the lines.