Bor3d Gaming 2.0 Is Live!

Woah, that was a lot. Sorry for the delay in getting this all live, but I'm glad it seems to be working as expected. I wanted to wait a few days and make sure no error messages popped up. So far, so good! So, you might be asking yourself...well, what's new? Quite a bit, so let me run down some of the changes so far:

Upgraded Forum to XenForo 2
The entire community forum has been upgraded to XF2 which is a major update. This required all of the plugins we have been using to either be re-written or replaced. Yes, this cost quite a bit of money and yes, it was absolutely worth it.

New Look and Feel
One of the things you'll notice off the bat is the new forum style. The colors and overall branding of Bor3d Gaming will always be the same, but XF2 already had many stylistic changes to it. We're using a new base theme and I've made a few customizations to it. I like it, but give me some feedback if you do not!

Emoji Support!
So one cool aspect of XF2 is that it now supports the use of emojis and guess what, that shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

Powered by Steam
In order to make sure our community stays free of spammers and general foolishness, I've disabled manual registration and will now require you to have a Steam authenticated account. If you authenticated previously, you're good! If not, then you will need to in order to do...anything really. This should also make registration easier in general. You just sign into your Steam account and go!

Still Using SourceBans, but...
Since SourceBans also allows you to log in via Steam, you can simply use your Steam account to log in there as well if you need to. This makes it a little easier for our staff to manage their bans and make adjustments to them if need be. I still want to replace it, but we will see how that goes in the future.

New and Improved Discord Syncing
So the old addon we used to handle Discord was crap. I've purchased a new addon which is WAY BETTER and it actually works. Unfortunately...there was no way to pull in your old authentications, but now it will actually work. So if you want to be properly assigned your role in Discord, please be sure to authenticate with your account.

*Note: You do not need to disassociate with Steam to associate with Discord. You can have more than 1 authentication.

New Server Listing Plugin
We finally have a server listing plugin that doesn't require the use of gameMe. This one is completely independent and works great. It is cached so it is not always going to be accurate, but it updates frequently. If you ever notice anything funky with it, let me know!

Oh yea, Stats!
We sort of had this setup on XF1, but it wasn't very good. I had a developer work on integrating our ranking systems from Zombie Escape, Surf and 1v1 directly into the forum (TTT doesn't have a rank system yet). I think this is pretty cool and I'm hoping we can build on it as we go. I have some features planned for the future, but for right now you can see the top 20 players on each server. If you're on that list and you're a member of the forum, it will link to your forum profile. In addition, even if you're not a top 20 player, you can see your stats for each server in your forum profile.

Donations...coming soon?
Well, there had to be some bad news right? Unfortunately, the donation system from XF1 is not ready for XF2 just yet. The developers are working on it, but bugs have derailed its release. It stinks that we will not be able to get donations going, but I would rather have it working then not. Keep your eyes posted and I will make an announcement when it's back online.

Finally, Game Server changes...
Did you think I would not make changes to the game servers to accommodate this? Haha, you guys are funny. So I did make a handful of changes to the server, but not much. Here is a quick list of the changes:
  • I have removed the "Report to Forums" feature on the server. This has been replaced with the "Call Admin" system. This system will send a notice to our Discord server and alert admins that you need help. Admins will then be able to claim being on the server to assist. This system should be more effective than what we've done in the past.
  • General map additions and updates have been made. If you want anything removed or added then be sure to request a map change!
  • The "Register on the Forums" credit for the Store has been removed temporarily. It needs to be re-coded to support XF2. It should be returning in very near future (hopefully this week).
  • I've re-added Hats, Glasses, Masks and Trails to the Store. I think they were big items that people loved and it adds more meaning to becoming a donor. To reduce the amount of them in-game they are all now Donor exclusives. I know this will increase the download for new gamers on our servers, but I think it's worth it. Sorry @Blue Dragon
Okay, I'm done. I think that's everything, but hopefully, you all enjoy it. As always, please report any technical issues you experience and give feedback!
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Quick update guys. We have the forum registration credits now working :). It should be up and running on all servers now!