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Blue Dragon

The Frosty One
Council Member
Sup. I'm Blue Dragon / Glacius / ShadowBerry.

I'm part of the ZE clan "Exiled Zombie Escapers", but I'm guessing most the old regulars already know that.
I'm Council of bG community, an ex-SSA on GFL and a Tech Admin on UNLOZE.

Wanted to introduce myself, since these forums are new, and I'll most likely be lurking on the forums.
I can be found regularly on various ZE -related TeamSpeak 3 channels, and what can I say, the autism is real.
I'm also considered as a mapper by some, so if you have trouble with Hammer Editor, hit me up.

Some personal info;

I'm 23 years old, male, live in Finland, enjoy gaming, certain cartoons, and mostly play video games during my free time from work.
I'm also a sucker for good red wine. Best wine country? Georgia. - Be sure to ask me anything, if you're interested.

As a zombie, deadly. - As a human, swift. Catch me if you can.~


Currently Online.. Probably.
Council Member
Well well well, if it isn't bor3d gaming's favorite Fin! (after the one from adventure time, it is bor3d gaming after all..)

Now the post wars can begin, haha