And...We're Back!

Wow, this is going to be a long post. It's crazy to think that after three years of inactivity that I'm bring Bor3d Gaming back to life. I'm moving into a new stage of my life very soon and I'm sure I'll be pretty busy with lots of things, but I still wanted to try and bring this community back. I made a lot of friends through this community and I had a lot of great memories as well. I want to rekindle those and create new ones. I hope that over time our community grows again and the servers fill with some cool new people.

So, why am I bringing it back?
Good question. I was bor3d I guess. No, but seriously I saw that CSGO was growing in popularity and there have been some dedicated people who are still trying to keep ZM/ZE alive on the platform. It's becoming harder with the dumb things Valve is doing, but my hope is that we can build a solid CSGO community together.

What's different?
To be honest, I couldn't remember how I had half the stuff setup from the past. There is a large possibility that everything is different, but I tried my best to organize things in a way that makes sense. We have our servers listed out, bans system, stats and donations of course. There is no store currently and will not be one for some time. We want to make sure everything is running smoothly before we introduce that level of complexity to the servers.

Are the same admins back?
Pretty much. I reached out to the old crew and a lot of people said they wanted in. Some original admins and long-time community members have become the bG Council. They will be responsible for handling the growth of new admins and helping me make important decisions.

Can I become a new admin?
Sure, in time. We're not looking for new admins at the moment, but once we get to know everyone we will be keeping an eye out for potential admins. You can also check out the requirements to become an admin.

Do I get anything special if I donate?
Nope. We're not doing any VIP stuff right now. We may in the future, but right now donating will give you a special class here on the forums and you'll be helping to keep the server alive. Donations will make or break how long bG stays up. I'll need your help, but the cost of the servers are much lower than in the past. Check out the donations section and send what you can.

Okay, where is Mini Games for real?
I'm sorry, but @Vitamyn told me that no one plays mini games...kidding. I need more time to build that one because it's actually one of the more complex servers. It requires a lot of configuration and hopefully I can get it done right within the next few weeks!

That's all the typing I can do for now. So, welcome back. Hope you have fun and if you have questions...let me know!


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I think we had some pretty good first impressions. THE #1 thing I love most is the fact, it felt like bG again. IT literally felt like I jumped back 3 years ago or more back in the days we had an awesome time, and I look forward to still have a lot more fun in the future!!!

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And it seems like we're off to a pretty good start!
I'll try to hop on every now and then, and will keep an eye out for any events from the groups.


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I'm looking forward to this newest arc in the bor3d gaming timeline!

bor3d Gaming: The Next Generation!
Yeah it felt pretty good, now that it's back. Hell, even the new maps are pretty tight. Feels like Christmas all over again! Speaking of Christmas....