Active admins for all server.

Hey guys. I don't mean to sound like a busy bee but I think we need more admins online for the servers since the [BG] community is getting larger which more people that like to troll and spam come on as well. I enjoy the servers the most when everyone is cooperative so we can all have a good time. I hope this system can be taken in place as soon as possible.

-Horny Judith


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Hey @Horny Judith , glad you're using the forums since we could definitely use more feedback especially from active players.

The jist of it is, we don't have a lot of admins since bor3d gaming's rebuilding yet. There's a total of 12 listed staff + 2 newest admins (bug?) which might seem like a lot at first, but many of those are players who's current day to day doesn't necessarily include playing on the servers but still exist as positive leaders in our community who have talked to bor3d since bor3d Gaming's rebuilding. Some our busy with life, not into CS at the moment, and some might have enjoyed servers that we don't offer anymore (Minigames/gungame/Jailbreak/ect). There's a lot of people listed because we know they've got a lot of heart in them, and if/when they come back in an active manner we know they'll be able to continue making bor3d gaming an amazing experience for a new set of players as well as responsibly managing the powers that admins have on bG's Servers. Maybe bor3d will remove or restructure certain inactive ones soon, but that's at his digression .

I'm sincerely sorry that it's been causing issues to you and not making your experience as fun as it could be, but we don't have the capacity to always have admins online just yet. We've opened admin signups to the public for anybody interested who meets our minimum requirements (Which are very modest considering the harm a bad admin can cause), and many of us older members are excited to see the servers be filled with a ton more of enthusiastic players yourself included!

If you need to get a hold of an admin quickly, the best way if through steam friends if you're open to adding us, or an excellent albeit slower method is using the '!report' chatline command in server and it will set us up with a forum message that something is up as well as track problematic players. We do have a form-style ban/mute request for rulebreakers but that's a bit more time consuming for players who might only join to play for 10 minutes and an active admin goes a long way. Proof required, of course.

Tl;DR: Will try to be more active, and I hope the rest of the staff will too.
-Sincerely Hardcore

Blue Dragon

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I will have to personally apologize for my inactivity, and this seems like the thread to do that in.
I've had many things happening IRL lately, and I haven't really had much time to dedicate to bG.
This is mostly because in order to actively play on bG, I have to ruin my sleep schedule to match with US times.
In case I have work, or any other activity planned, I can't stay up until 6AM just to handle a situation on the server.

However, I've planned to spend more time around the servers, and the forum, and I'll always be around on Steam.
In case anyone needs to contact me, you bet you can find me available any time I'm online.
-Sincerely Blue Dragon


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@Blue Dragon You might be surprised at the odd hours the server has been played at lately! We had a session that was around 14 hours that I counted! Summertime man, it's cray cray.
I most definitely agree. Although many times even with a large amount of admins available to patrol servers it is hard to work out a time where admins can come I to cover a time where an admin usually isn't on. This would mean that there would have to be some kind of real time schedule showing admins and what map they are on and which maps don't currently have admins on. I don't know how well that will work, if at all, but if that could be done it could be much easier to work out servers having admins on them pretty much all the time.


Currently Online.. Probably.
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@Genghis Khan a schedule while a nice idea in theory won't work out. Admins are still limited, enjoy playing with each other, and tend to live roughly in the same timezones within a couple hours. It's still best to make use of !report or other things listed above. There's generally some admin around in case of emergency.