1. bor3d

    All Servers In-Game Store Raffle & New Surf Map Chooser

    Hi Guys, So I've added a new plugin to the server that I customized a little myself :). It's called the "Store Raffle" and the way it works is that it allows you to put in your own credits into the raffle for a chance to win the Jackpot. The raffle allows you to place between 10-1,000 of your...
  2. bor3d

    Easy Surf Store Credits for Completing Maps

    Added a new plugin to the surf server that will give you store credits for completing surf maps. It will give you 50 credits for the first time you beat a map and then 10 credits every additional time. So keep working hard to complete those surf maps, they'll be worth it!
  3. bor3d

    Easy Surf New Surf Maps

    Hi All, Added a couple new surf maps to the server. They range from the tier 1-2 range and shouldn't be overly difficult. Hope you guys enjoy them: surf_ace_fix surf_aweles surf_colors_beta1 surf_delusional surf_derp surf_doodles_njv surf_how2surf surf_lessons surf_life_of_duck surf_mom...
  4. bor3d

    Server Commands on Surf

    Just a quick guide for all the commands you can use on the Surf Server. sm_usp - spawns a usp silencer sm_avg - prints in chat the average time of the current map sm_accept - allows you to accept a challenge request sm_hidechat - hides your ingame chat sm_hideweapon - hides your weapon model...
  5. bor3d

    Mini Games Replaced with Easy Surf

    Hey All, So, I know this will upset quite a few of you and I apologize in advance, but I've made the decision to move on from Mini Games. While the server was popular and I'm sure you all liked it, it was quite a pain to manage. Hardcore had mad an incredible effort to keep me appraised of all...